Can Stretch Marks Really be Removed?

Can stretch marks really be removed? Many treatments and procedures can effectively reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Unfortunately, many of these treatments require multiple pre-planned visits, and high cost.

Many people find application of a topical stretch mark cream to be an effective, affordable way to diminish the appearance of their stretch marks. Diminish those unsightly marks and gain back your feeling of flawless skin. Shiny, sleek and smooth looking skin has never been more affordable. Our top reviewed stretch mark options can reduce the appearance of discolored marks in just a few weeks, and are offered at a reasonable price.


Nearly everyone with stretch marks has at some time or another, looked into having their stretch marks removed. However, this brings up a fundamental question, can stretch marks really be removed?

While there are procedures and treatment methods that are promoted to remove stretch marks, the fact is that stretch marks are not so easily removed. Stretch marks do not develop on the outermost layer of skin, they form in the dermis and as such they are not so easily addressed. True stretch mark removal requires surgery in order to erase all traces of a stretch mark, but for many people a surgical procedure is simply not feasible.

Other methods promoted for stretch mark removal include laser stretch mark treatments. Laser stretch mark therapy cannot guarantee total stretch mark removal and it often requires a great deal of time and money. Two different types of lasers are used to treat stretch marks, both generally require multiple treatments in order to see visible results. Moreover, the less expensive of the two still costs several hundred dollars per treatment. Overall, removing stretch marks is not the solution many people believe it is. While stretch mark removal is technically possible, the benefits it may give men and women may not meet their expectations, especially when the costs and risks are considered.

Any invasive surgical procedure has the potential to cause scarring, laser stretch mark treatments also have the potential to leave behind scars. This can result in scars that are even more noticeable than your stretch marks were. The reality is that men and women who undergo stretch mark removal procedures or methods are taking a sizeable risk, both in terms of the potential side effects that such treatments may cause and in the results of such methods.

It can be difficult to overcome the notion that removal is the best way to address any type of physical or cosmetic imperfection. After all, whenever people have a mole that they dislike or some other type of blemish they automatically look to get rid of it. However, while this strategy may be effective and even practical in certain situations, when it comes to stretch marks, removal should not be your first and only option. The best way to address stretch marks is to take the time to find out what the best option is for you, maybe this is a removal procedure or maybe it is something less invasive. Regardless, stretch marks are surprisingly complex, and the best way to improve their appearance is not always the most obvious option.